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Vinyl Siding & Custom Trim: Remodel in Carroll County MD

This home in Carroll County's Finksburg, MD 21048 had an old faded exterior that was damaged by wind so this homeowner's insurance paid for new vinyl siding installation. We were hired to remove the existing siding and install new CertainTeed brand vinyl siding in a modern Granite Gray. We also installed new custom-fabricated metal fascia and freezeboard trim.
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Installation of Vinyl Siding, Custom Break-Metal Trim Wrap, Freezeboard/Friezboard and more in Carroll County's Finksburg, Maryland

Job Scope and Details
Insurance Approval, Demolition, New Vinyl Siding & Custom Metal Fascia Trim

This Finksburg, MD 21048 home in Carroll County suffered damage to its exterior from severe wind and storms. The public adjusters partnered with our friends at Superior Services of PA & MD were able to get this work approved by insurance* after seeing the extensive wind damage (pictured below). We were then hired for our vinyl siding installation services and we executed the full exterior remodel.

* Contractors are not legally allowed to negotiate with insurance companies on a homeowner's behalf. Any time one of our customers needs help with a property damage claims settlement we use the services of a licensed independent public adjuster like the one used on this job. Learn More: Insurance FAQs.

Services Performed at this Job:

  • Demolition: Removing the old and faded exterior, including the old lighting fixtures and some of the trim.
  • Weatherproofing: Wrapping the home with Tyvek brand weather-wrap to shield the exterior from the elements.
  • Vinyl Siding Installation: Brand new "Granite Gray" colored dutchlap style vinyl siding by CertainTeed's "MainStay" product line.
  • Freezeboard Installation: New, custom freezeboard fascia trim on the back & side of the house.
  • Custom metal-wrapped trim: break-metal fabrication and installation of custom metal fascia on the gables ("stepped" style rake metal) and the new freezeboard (flat).
Photos of the vinyl siding and house-wrap installation at this Carroll County MD home.

MORE TO COME! New gutters and a new roof were also part of this Carroll County home's insurance settlement and JWE will be back to execute that work. But for now, this homeowner loves the transformation provided by the new Granite Gray vinyl siding. Check out the before pictures below!

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Before Photos
This Finksburg MD home had old and faded yellow-color vinyl siding. Much of it was missing entirely as a result of wind and storm damage.

Before our Work: The back of this Finksburg, MD 20148 home was missing entire sections of vinyl siding after wind damage.
Before our Exterior Remodel: Front of this Carroll County home. Check out the old and faded vinyl siding.

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Before-and-After Photos
Check out these side-by-side before-and-afters to show the dramatic transformation provided by the new vinyl siding. (Full photo gallery below.)

After the demolition of all the old siding was completed and the house was re-wrapped with Tyvek we then began the process of installing the new "Granite Gray" vinyl siding by CertainTeed. We also installed new freezboard-style trim in a few areas and replaced the fascia metal on all the gables with custom-fabricated aluminum. We used a stepped style, to provide more depth to the trim and really accent the new exterior.

Enjoy the photos below and click any one for a full-screen view. In the next section you'll be able to see all the final photos of this job.

Before-and-After: The driveway-side rear of the house with new custom freezeboard trim & fascia metal.
Before-and-After: Rear side of the house with custom freezeboard, fascia and stepped rake metal.
Before-and-Afer: Rear side of the house with new freezeboard, fascia and rake metal on the side.
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Finished Photos
Photo Gallery & Slideshow: finished vinyl siding remodel in Carroll County MD

Finished! Check out the final photos below, and click any photo to start a full-screen slideshow.

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