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Siding & Exterior Remodeling in Hanover PA 17331

Siding Remodel in York County's Hanover PA 17331 complete with custom metal fascia and trim, new vinyl siding installation, new seamless gutters, and a brand new roof replacement by JWE.
Hail storms in Hanover PA resulted in damage to this home's siding and roofing. Our licensed insurance adjusters helped get the following restorations approved by homeowners insurance. Ultimately these homeowners got a complete exterior remodel, all for the price of their deductible. Check out the before-and-after photos below. Learn more about our siding services and be sure to contact us for a free estimate!

This high quality siding and roofing service was executed for our customers living at West Middle Street in Hanover. We serve all of greater Hanover PA, including neighboring Adams County & York County towns like New Oxford, East Berlin, Abbottstown and more! Contact us now for a free Estimate.

JWE executed this complete exterior remodel in Hanover PA including new vinyl siding, custom metal trim and fascia, a brand new roofing system and more. All paid for by insurance.

Intro: Before Photos of Hail Storm Damage
These Hanover homeowners contacted us because their siding and roof had suffered extensive damage from hail storms this year and they know that JWE Remodeling and Roofing helps homeowners get their home damage repaired and paid for by their insurance companies!

We performed a thorough inspection of this home's exterior, and we discovered extensive damage from hail and storms. Dents and punctures in roofing shingles and the old aluminum siding were prominent, so an insurance claim was started. Our affiliated licensed public adjusters at Chateau are experienced in getting claims for home damage approved by insurance, and they therefore represented our customers in the insurance process.

The result: the siding was approved for a complete replacement with brand new vinyl siding, and the roof got fully approved for a brand new LIFETIME roofing system by GAF. For more on how public adjusters help property owners get the MOST from their insurance claims, make sure to read Chateau Public Adjusters' blog.

* Contractors are not legally allowed to negotiate with insurance companies on a homeowner's behalf, so if your contractor offers or advertises that they can 'work with insurance companies' they are breaking the law. The reason for this is that it takes a lot of training to be an insurance professional, and there is a lot at stake. The licensed professionals at Chateau have that training, and we feel confident with our customers' roofs in their hands.

Before Photos: Old, Damaged Siding & Roofing

Siding damage from hail in Hanover PA 17331 repaired by JWE Remodeling and Roofing
Siding damage from hail in Hanover PA 17331 repaired by JWE Remodeling and Roofing
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Scope of Work: Hail-Damaged Roof & Siding Replacement

Storm-Related Damage Approved & Paid For by Insurance

After we demolished all the old, damaged aluminum siding at this Hanover PA home we wrapped the house's exterior with Tyvek house-wrap to protect it from the elements. Learn more about why this is so important on our Siding Services page.

Here's a list of all the exterior remodeling services we provided at this Hanover home, all of which were paid for in full by this customer's homeowners insurance.

New Vinyl Siding Installation. This homeowner chose Natural Slate color, a deep blue, and the product we used is high quality Ovation series by PlyGem Mastic (visit their website for their complete collection).

New Roof Replacement. The roof on both the main house and the garage were really old and damaged, so we installed a brand new roofing system on both. We're going to focus mostly on the siding and other exterior remodeling on this portfolio blog. But you can check out similar roofing jobs like this roof replacement in Abbottstown or this other one in Hanover, both of which involved the same LIFETIME-warrantied roofing system.

New porch columns. We renovated their side porch by installing new vinyl columns and a brand new overhang, complete with its own roof, soffit, and metal-wrapped fascia and trim! Photos below.

New Metal Fascia & Window/Door Trim. We wrapped all the trim around the gables and the roof with white metal trim, which really stands out against the dark blue siding. All the doors and windows got wrapped with the same white trim to highlight their features and make them stand out. Check out the photos below.

Looking for the Best Hanover PA Siding Contractor?

We know you have a ton of options when choosing. Here's what makes our Hanover Siding Installation Services stand out from the competition:

Satisfaction guaranteed & all work warrantied for 30+ years

If you have an insurance claim, our public adjusters will make sure you get the most out of it. Their services are FREE and included in the cost of our contract. We also offer financing for roofing, siding and other projects!

We're licensed and insured and have earned a 4.9/5-star reputation from your neighbors. References available.

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Installation Photos: 'During' Pics of the Siding Remodel Our Expert Siding Contractors execute the installation of the viny siding, custom metal trim, custom porch and more...

Hanover PA Siding Contractor: JWE Remodeling & Roofing

Full Exterior Siding Remodel in Hanover

See photos below of the installation of the vinyl siding, the new custom porch, metal trim, fascia and more. The finished photos are after that. JWE Remodeling and Roofing takes the time to provide the highest quality Hanover PA siding services and our reviews prove it! Make sure to contact us for a free inspection and estimate.

Click any photo to open a full-screen slideshow. See all our Siding Jobs.

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Finished Photos Slideshow: Exterior Siding Remodeling in Hanover PA

Hanover PA Siding by JWE

Below are the final photos of this siding contractor job by JWE Remodeling & Roofing. CONTACT US TODAY if you think your siding may be damaged. We offer the highest quality Hanover PA siding services around.

Looking for an Expert Hanover PA Remodeling Contractor?

We specialize in roofing, siding and home improvements in greater Hanover PA: York & Adams County PA and Carroll County MD.

We offer free estimates & inspections, and financing for roof replacements, siding & home improvements.

Services from our public adjusters cost you nothing out of your pocket - insurance pays.

We're fully licensed, insured & certified roofing & siding contractor with a 5-star reputation.

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Contact JWE Remodeling & Roofing for a Free Inspection & Estimate of Your Siding Damage Repair so we Can See About Getting your Siding Restored!

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