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Siding Contractor in McSherrystown PA: Exterior Remodeling

McSherrystown PA Siding Contractor JWE: Full Exterior Remodeling Services complete with new vinyl lap siding, custom aluminum fascia, metal-wrapped trim, vinyl soffit, painted shutters and doors, and much more!
Brand new siding installation and exterior remodel in Adams County's McSherrystown 17344 on Cricket Lane. Check out the job photos here. Do you need a siding contractor in McSherrystown? Contact us for a free estimate!

This high quality siding, fascia and soffit exterior remodeling service was executed for these customers on Cricket Lane in McSherrystown, PA 17344. We serve all of greater Hanover PA with high quality roofing, roof repair and siding contractor services. In addition to McSherrystown we serve neighboring Adams County & York County towns like New Oxford, East Berlin, Abbottstown and more! Contact us now for a free Estimate.

JWE Remodeling & Roofing is McSherrystown's go-to Vinyl Siding Contractor offering full exterior remodeling services like at this Cricket Lane home. Check out the photos and job details here.

Intro: Free Estimate from Siding Contractor JWE
These McSherrystown PA homeowners contacted us for a free estimate for new siding installation.

This Adams County couple wanted to update the look of their home's exterior to boost curb appeal. The existing vinyl siding was old and faded. In addition to this, their shutters were also faded and they had grown tired of their home's color. They therefore searched online for local siding contractors and began to research their options. The homeowners spent some time checking out our portfolio of work on our website. After deciding they liked what they saw, they gave us a call. Our owner, Jeff, and project manager RJ subsequently met with these McSherrystown homeowners for a free estimate. We inspected the home's exterior and listened to what the owners wanted for their siding remodeling project. Below are the project details.

Scope of Work: Exterior Remodel & Siding Contractor

House-Wrap Installation

We like to give detailed cost estimates that do not change. So we therefore had to inspect the home's exterior sheathing beneath the siding. It turns out there was no water-proofing installed between the siding and the plywood. In other words, the home was not weather-proofed properly. As a result, the exterior was not up to building code requirements. You can learn more about house-wrap and exterior insulation on our Siding/Exterior page. We therefore determined that the home needed house-wrap installation. So we included installation of Tyvek house-wrap in the remodeling scope of work.

Vinyl Siding Brand, Style & Color Choices

Ultimately, we were fortunate enough to be hired by these McSherrystown homeowners for our siding contractor services. We subsequently began the process of sampling vinyl siding styles to help the homeowners with their selection. In the end, they decided they wanted straight-lap style siding. You can see a picture below of straight-lap vs. dutch-lap vinyl siding styles for comparison. Because the homeowners preferred the straight style siding, we therefore suggested a double - 4" siding by PlyGem Mastic Ovation Vinyl Siding. The homeowners eventually chose "Pebblestone Clay" as their color. It's a classic shade of tan. You can see all the photos of this project below. Most importantly, check out the old siding color (baby blue!). It had to go!

Details: Fascia, Soffit, Shutters & More in Addition to Vinyl Siding Contractor Remodel

As is the case with many remodels, installing a brand new material does not look its best when it is installed next to older existing materials. For example, the brand new vinyl siding would really show how old the faded shutters look. In addition to that, the old, dented, faded gutters and fascia would also look really bad. Similarly, the existing soffit was also old and dingy. Since these McSherrystown homeowners wanted us to successfully update the entire look of their home's exterior, we gave them a quote for replacing all the exterior siding materials. Ultimately we replaced all the fascia, gutters and soffit. The fascia is custom-fabricated break-metal wrapped aluminum. The soffit is new vented vinyl. We painted and reinstalled all the shutters, the front door, and the garage door to match the awnings over the windows. We also installed new custom metal trim around doors and windows.

Seamless Gutter Installation in McSherrystown

In conclusion of this remodel we installed new seamless 5-inch gutters. No exterior remodel is complete without new gutters! We got the these and many of the other materials for this exterior siding remodel from our local supplier, RG Miller Exterior Building Products.

straight lap or clapboard style vinyl siding vs dutch-lap style vinyl siding comparison
From left to right: straight-lap or clapboard style vinyl siding vs. traditional dutchlap style vinyl siding. These McSherrystown homeowners chose straight lap style.

Straight-Lap (Clapboard) Style vs. Dutch-Lap Style Vinyl Siding

These McSherrystown homeowners elected "straight-lap" or "clapboard" style vinyl siding. On the other hand their other option is the more traditional "dutchlap" style vinyl siding. Both vinyl siding styles come with similar benefits in terms of durability, aesthetics, water drainage and ease of installation. However, clapboard style siding (on the left) is thought of as a more modern choice. On the other hand, some suggest that dutchlap style (on the right) has higher impact-resistance. But in or opinion, the jury is still out on that one. In short, both of these popular vinyl siding styles are extremely durable, look great, and are affordable options for anyone looking to renovate their home's exterior. Both CertainTeed and PlyGem - two of our favorite building product manufacturers - offer a number of color and style choices in their vinyl siding products. Contact JWE Remodeling siding contractors for a free estimate and dutchlap/clapboard samples to see which you like best. Let us know in the comments below if you have an opinion!

See more photos and details of our roofing and siding services in Adams County & York County PA on our Portfolio Blog:
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Installation Photos: 'During' Pics of the Siding Remodel Our Expert Siding Contractors execute the installation of the viny siding, custom metal trim, new gutters and more...

McSherrystown PA Siding Contractor: JWE Remodeling & Roofing

Siding Contractor & Exterior Remodel in McSherrystown PA: Installation Photos

See photos below of the installation of the vinyl siding, the new custom metal trim, vinyl soffit, metal fascia and more. The finished photos are after that. JWE Remodeling and Roofing takes the time to provide the highest quality Hanover PA siding services and our reviews prove it! Make sure to contact us for a free inspection and estimate.

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Finished Photos: Exterior Remodel & Siding Contractor in McSherrystown PA

McSherrystown PA Siding Contractor: Soffit, Fascia, Gutters, Shutters & More

Below are the final photos of this siding contractor job by JWE Remodeling & Roofing. CONTACT US TODAY if you think your siding is damaged or in need of updating. For example, siding damage from wind and hail could be paid for by insurance. Similarly, roof damage is almost always covered. We offer the highest quality McSherrystown PA siding services around.

Click any photo to open a full-screen slideshow. See all our Siding Jobs.

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