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Shingle Color Picker

Congratulations on Your New Roof! Check out the following shingle colors available from IKO and use the form at the bottom of the page to send us your shingle color selection. After that, we can schedule your roof replacement, get a delivery date, and get started!

Shingle Colors Available from IKO's "Cambridge" Architectural Asphalt Shingles

Check out these shingle color swatches below. Click the color name to see a full-screen picture of the shingle. After that, fill out the form below to send us your selection!

Having trouble deciding? You can stop by our office to see samples of these shingle colors, or we can bring some to you. Just call or text RJ at 717-894-4944 or Jeff at 717-640-7131 to set up an appointment.

Shingle Color from IKO presented by JWE Remodeling and Roofing Contractors in Hanover PA

The first three shingle colors presented below - Charcoal Gray, Dual Black and Dual Gray - are the most popular colors, in our experience. These are safe, neutral shades of gray and black that look great with virtually any color siding and style home. When our customers have trouble picking, we recommend one of these three options.

These next three shingle colors - Harvard Slate, Weatherwood and Driftwood - are also good choices for most style homes. Notice that some of these shingle color options are more dynamic than others in that they have more variance in color. For example, Driftwood can be an excellent color choice for homes with multi-colored brick siding because of its solid-color look. If your siding is a solid color, then a multi-colored option like Harvard Slate can look really good in contrast.

The brown shingle colors below - Dual Brown, Earthtone Cedar and Beachwood - go great with homes that have beige, white, and/or cream-colored or brick siding. These brown asphalt shingles are meant to mimic the look of traditional cedar and wood shake roofing. Because of this, they look excellent on many historical homes.

Finally, these last two options are the least common. While they aren't neutral, they can look great with some homes! For example, Super White goes best with gray or white siding, or when there are white elements like a front door or white shutters. Similarly, Aged Redwood can look good when there are red elements to be highlighted with a red roof.

Read IKO's Comprehensive Guide to Shingle Color Selection, and see photos of homes with these shingle colors on their website. Additionally, you can use their Roof Color Visualizer Tool to upload a photo of your home and see an approximation how any of these shingle colors will look.

Send Us Your Shingle Color Selection

Fill out the form, click Send, and we'll get your delivery ordered and schedule your roof replacement!

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