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Greater Hanover: York County, Adams County & Carroll County MD


Roof Repair for Leaks, Damage & More We Fix and Repair Asphalt Shingle Roofing, Metal Roofs, EPDM Flat Rubber & More in greater Hanover PA & Northern Maryland

JWE is a certified and licensed roofing contractor in Hanover PA and we offer roof repair services for all types of roofing materials. If you're looking for a fast-response roofer near you in Hanover give us a call. Whether you need a leaking roof repair or you have damage to your roof caused by hail, wind or storms give us a call right away to schedule a free estimate.

Starting with a free roof inspection, our owner Jeff will document damage to your roof and find the source of any and all roof leaks. We can thoroughly discover any roof damage that is potentially caused by storms, hail or wind and we'll document it thoroughly. Check out the photos of our roof inspection process below. This is a critical part of getting roof repairs approved and paid for by insurance.

Maybe you don't want to involve your insurance - that's fine too! We can perform fast, efficient and cost-effective roof repairs to stop roof leaks and prevent future leaks. Oftentimes a leaking roof is caused by damaged or missing roof shingles, failed seals in caulking or flat rubber roofing, damaged metal roof panels, etc. Our owner Jeff Erb is an expert roofer who has been helping Hanover PA and York/Adams County homeowners with their roofs for decades. We're looking forward to helping you with your roof, too!

Damaged roofing in Hanover PA after wind-driven rain blows off asphalt shingle roofing
These damaged asphalt roof shingles in Hanover PA can lead to extensive problems. This is caused by wind-driven rains, and it can result in heavy roof leaks and damage. We execute roof repairs for problems like this all the time.

DID YOU KNOW: JWE Remodeling & Roofing is one of the only Roofing Contractors in Hanover PA that has passed the verification and personal & professional background test process to become a Google-Guaranteed service provider. Learn more.

Leaking & Damaged Roof Options

Roof Repair or Roof Replacement?

We help our homeowners with whatever they need when it comes to their homes. While some roofing contractors don't have time for small roof repairs, we understand that sometimes that's all that's in the budget.

Oftentimes, however, damaged and leaking roofs were caused by a "covered peril", which means that insurance companies will pick up the tab for the repairs or, better yet, a full roof replacement. (Learn more about your roofing options with this helpful article from Angie's List).

When this is the case, we help our customers by setting them up with certified public insurance adjusters who can help handle their claim. Contact us today for a free roof inspection, free estimate, and no-obligation consultation with our licensed public adjusters who can help get your claim approved for no additional cost whatsoever - it's a free service.

We execute thorough emergency roof repairs in greater Hanover PA: York and Adams County. Contact us for a free roof inspection so we can assess the damage and get your roof fixed in a fast and affordable, professional manner. See a full list of the PA & MD towns we serve in our Service Area below.

Free Roof Inspections....

Roof Repair Services in Hanover

Roof Inspection: free and no-obligation - contact us now.

Find & Discover Damage: locate all damage to roof shingles, flashing etc.

Roof Leak Source: locate the source of any and all leaks and determine best fix.

Leaking Roof Repair: execute fast and effective repair of roof shingles, panels, flashing, caulking and sealing in order to mitigate the leaking roof.

Document Storm Damage: identify and mark all hail and wind damaged roofing.

Free Consultation: discuss options and costs for further repairs if necessary.

Roof Tarping: for unusually extensive damage, install tarping to seal roof completely until further roof repair or roof replacement can be executed.

See below for photos of our roof inspections and examples of our roof repairs.

Free Inspections & Emergency Roof Repairs in Hanover PA

See photos below of our roof repair calls: we discover all damage and leaks, and execute efficient repairs...

Hanover PA has been our home for a long time. We're always eager to respond to our neighbors' calls for leaking or damaged roof repairs, and the first thing we do is perform a free roof inspection. This critical first-step involves properly discovering, identifying and documenting all damage. This is especially important if an insurance claim for roof damage is going to be filed. But even if only small repairs are going to be needed, it is still important to make sure all the roof damage is documented.

Check out the following examples of times that our owner, Jeff Erb, has helped neighbors near you with their roof leaks and roof damage. In the following photos you'll see examples of hail-damaged, broken and blown-off asphalt shingles from strong winds and storms, as well as failed and leaking chimney flashing and roof vents. These are just some of the types of roof repairs we offer, but whatever your roof problem is, we can help! Get a free inspection now.

We mark and photograph all roof damage before executing roof repairs, so this homeowner can file an insurance claim.
Creased shingle and granule loss indicates wind damage at this free roof inspection in Hanover PA by JWE.
Jeff Erb, JWE Owner
Our owner Jeff performed these roof repairs himself. Here he is installing a Perma-Boot to stop the old, damaged pipe vent flashing from leaking into the house.
High winds and strong storms can cause damage like this asphalt shingles: creasing and granule loss is a clear sign, and needs to be repaired to prevent roof leaks.
Wind damage to asphalt shingles happens often, resulting in blown-off roofing shingles. This type of damaged roof repair is usually covered and paid for by homeowners insurance.
This roof leak was caused by failed chimney flashing. We caulked the leak to buy time, but a more thorough roof repair will be necessary eventually.
This is how we document roof damage that needs to be repaired or replaced. Notice the circled hail-strike and lined wind-damage roofing shingles.

Certified Roof Repair Service

We've spent a great deal of time, effort and resources to get every certification we can in order to give our customers the peace of mind they deserve when they trust a contractor to perform a roof repair. JWE is proud of the following credentials and accollades:

Certified GAF "WeatherStopper" Roofing Contractor

Google-Guaranteed Contractor: background-checked and verified

Certified CertainTeed "ShingleMaster" Roofer

100% Clean Record, A+ with Better Business Bureau

Perfect 5-Star rating from every single review of our work

Hearth-Certified Roofing Financing Provider (learn more)

JWE Remodeling and Roofing is a GAF-certified WeatherStopper Roofing Contractor in Hanover PA 17331
Certified Roofing Contractor ShingleMaster CertainTeed Roofer

Free Estimates & Roof Inspections

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JWE Remodeling and Roofing serves Greater Hanover PA

From emergency roof repairs to asphalt shingle roof replacements and metal roofing installations. We also specialize in new vinyl siding, decks, porches, doors, windows and custom trim installations. Our certified roofing and siding contractors provide the highest quality work and customer service. We serve the following Pennsylvania and Maryland towns (within 30mi of Hanover 17331) - click to see examples of our work in these towns:

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