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Roof Damage Insurance Claims: Repair & Restoration Contracting

We handle insurance claim restorations for storm damage to roofing and siding in greater Hanover PA and Carroll County MD. We provide homeowners with comprehensive roof damage claims assistance through licensed public adjusters and qualified roofing contractors. If your roof is damaged from storms, hail, wind etc. call us today to see how we can help with your insurance claim.
Check out examples of our roof damage repairs and replacements and details of the services provided by public adjusters who help ensure homeowners get the coverage they deserve for complete roofing repairs and replacements.

Use the menu above to learn about our work with public adjusters and how they help our customers secure the maximum amount of money possible to repair and replace their roof damage caused by covered catastrophes like hail damage, storms, etc. Also check out examples of our work restoring damage to roofs and siding in greater Hanover PA & Carroll County MD.

JWE Remodeling & Roofing works with property owners who have damaged roofs, siding etc. and with our public adjusters we are able to help file a claim, appraise damage, and negotiate settlements to get our customers full coverage of their damaged homes.

Our Work with Public Adjusters
How they help our Hanover PA & northern Maryland customers get claims for siding & roof damage replacements and restorations approved and paid for.

When homeowners who have roof damage contact us we set them up with a licensed professional loss adjusters for representation during the insurance claims process. Public Adjusters are legally allowed to represent homeowners in the complicated insurance claims process, and they know the ins-and-outs of insurance policies and how best to handle a claim for property damage loss recovery. Our customers are always thrilled to get professional help filing, appraising, evaluating, negotiating and settling roof damage claims in order to make sure no mistakes are made in the process. Mistakes or failure to thoroughly and properly document and report roof damage and property loss can result in a denial from an insurance company. Public Adjusters make sure this doesn't happen, and so our customers' roof damage gets covered for repairs or replacements. Learn more about public adjusters and how they help with property damage insurance claims on Chateau Public Adjusters FAQ blog.

* Contractors are not legally allowed to negotiate with insurance companies on a homeowner's behalf, so if your contractor offers or advertises that they can 'work with isurance companies' they are breaking the law. The reason for this is that it takes a lot of training to be an insurance professional. The licensed professionals at Chateau have that training, and we feel confident with our customers' homes in their hands.

Continue reading to see examples of roof replacements, repairs, and siding restorations that were the result of our customers getting their insurance claims approved due to the representation from Chateau Public Adjusters.

Make sure you check out our other projects on our project blog page for photos of all our interior and exterior home improvements, remodels, roofing and repairs in south-central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland.
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Adams County PA Storm-Damage Roof Replacement These customers had roof damage caused by storms so they hired us for our Expert Roofing Services

The roof damage at this home in Littlestown, Adams County, PA was the result of storm and wind damage. This is a common cause of property damage to homes and businesses in greater Hanover PA and northern Maryland. The homeowners called us for a free inspection and estimate of their roof after they noticed a leak inside was causing water damage. Upon inspection, we quickly noticed that the leak was due to storm damage. Storm and wind roof damage is almost always covered under a homeowners policy, but we knew that this roof needed full replacement - not just bandaid style repairs. We brought in the property insurance experts at Chateau Public Adjusters and they were able to make sure this roof got approved for a full replacement. This homeowner left us a five-star review on Google.

Click any photo to open a full-screen slideshow.

Click any photo to open a full-screen slideshow. See the entire roof replacement gallery

Need to Repair or Replace Roof Damage?

We're an expert roofing and siding contractor serving greater Hanover PA and Carroll County MD.

We offer free estimates & inspections.

Services from our public adjusters cost you nothing out of our pocket - it comes out of the insurance money they get for you.

Licensed and insured expert roofers.

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York County PA Roof Damage Service
These New Freedom PA homeowners had a decades-old cedar shake roof that was damaged, leaking and in need of replacement. We got it approved.

Complete York County PA Roof System by JWE Remodeling & Roofing in New Freedom, PA 17349
Old Wood Shake to a LIFETIME Asphalt Roofing System

We got this replacement and upgrade approved and paid for in full...

Since contractors are not allowed to negotiate with insurance companies, we brought in our public adjusters - at no extra cost to these homeowners - to work with the insurance company to get approval for the replacement and upgrade. This was a tricky case, and a good example of why it's so beneficial to have a public adjuster represent you during the roof damage insurance claims process. The insurance company at first only wanted to pay for replacing a cedar shake roof, but these homeowners wanted a GAF LIFETIME asphalt roof system - so that's what they got. And the entire thing was paid for by insurance.

Click any photo to open a full-screen slideshow. See the entire roof replacement gallery

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Carroll County MD Siding Damage
We teamed up with Superior Services of PA & MD and Chateau Public Adjusters to get property damage claims at this Finksburg MD home in Carroll County MD approved and paid for by insurance. Then we executed the siding renovation.

Siding & Roof Damage in Carroll County MD

The siding at this home in Finksburg, Carroll County, MD experienced some serious wind damage. The roof, too, suffered storm damage. The professionals at Superior Services used the insurance claims services provided by their sister-company Chateau and got it approved. We were hired to execute the siding renovation. Check out the photos below.

Click any photo to open a full-screen slideshow. See the entire roof replacement gallery

Looking for a Qualified, Expert Roofing Contractor?

We specialize in getting roof replacements and repairs approved in greater Hanover PA and Carroll County MD.

We offer free estimates & inspections.

Services from our public adjusters cost you nothing out of our pocket - insurance pays.

We're fully licensed and insured roofing contractor with a 5-star reputation.

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Contact JWE Remodeling & Roofing for a Free Inspection of Your Roof Damage or Siding Damage so we Can See About Getting your Repairs and Restorations Approved & Paid for by Insurance

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