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Metal Roofing Contractor Hanover PA

Standing Seam Metal Roofing, Corrugated Steel Roofs & Metal Shingle Roofing Installations, Replacements & Repairs in Greater Hanover PA: York County, Adams County PA & Carroll County MD.

JWE Remodeling and Roofing Contractor provides installation and repair services for metal roofing in greater Hanover PA like standing seam roofing, corrugated steel panels and metal shingle roofs. We serve all of York County, Adams County PA and Carroll County, Maryland. If you're looking to have a new roof installed and are considering investing in a metal roof, you've come to the right place. On this page we'll present our metal roofing services, compare the different styles (standing seam, corrugated steel, and metal shingles), present the average prices for our installations and list the overall benefits of metal roofing for you. Enjoy! And don't forget to get in touch with us for a free roof inspection and cost estimate for your next roofing or remodeling project.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing provides a modern look for homes and buildings. The fasteners are hidden under the seams in the roof, providing a continuous and unblemished appearance.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Considered one of the most modern and best-looking roofing materials, standing seam metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular in south-central PA and northern Maryland. The very long panels each have a vertical running "leg" that interlocks with their adjacent panel. This creates the seam in the roofing panels which "stands" above the lower surface of the panel that spans between the seams. That lower space between the seams is often flat (though some styles come ribbed), and a standing seam metal roof can be walked on carefully without causing damage.

Furthermore, the fasteners for these panels are hidden under the standing seam, so they're out of sight. This provides an unblemished and uniform appearance for the roof, making it one of the best-looking modern roofing options. To learn more about metal roofing, visit Sheffied Metals' Roofing Guide.

Cost of Standing Seam Metal Roofs:

The average cost for standing seam roofs is anywhere from $9.50 to $13 per square foot for most installations. Expect to pay that much in southern PA and northern Maryland. Complete the form below for a free metal roof quote. To learn more about variables that could affect the price of standing seam roofs, visit Homewyse's Metal Roofing Cost Guide.

Corrugated Steel / ABM Panel Roofs

Corrugated metal panels go by many names: corrugated steel, barn metal, rib metal, ABM metal, sheet metal, etc. Although originally intended as a siding material for agricultural construction (farms and barns), this sheet metal has become a popular roofing option because of its affordability.

We see a lot of corrugated metal roofs in the more rural areas of Hanover, throughout Adams County PA's farm houses and barns. Corrugated metal, compared to standing seam, is a cost-effective metal roofing option. It is similar in price to asphalt shingle roofing systems.

However, standing seam roofs are typically considered more aesthetically appealing and modern. Furthermore, the ribs in corrugated metal roofs can not be walked on without causing damage, and they are not as resistant to wind and hail damage.

Cost of Corrugated Metal Roofs:

The average cost for corrugated steel metal roofing is anywhere from $7 to $9 per square foot in Hanover PA and Carroll County MD. More expensive than asphalt shingle roofing, but less than standing seam. Contact us using the form below for a free estimate. Or visit Modernize's Corrugated Steel Roofing Cost Guide to learn more about variables that'll affect the cost of your roof installation.

Corrugated metal roofing, also knows as corrugated steel, ABM metal, barn metal, rib, sheet metal, etc. This common building panel was originally created for agricultural construction: farms and barns.

Free Price Quotes for Metal Roof Installations in PA & MD

Meet with our owner Jeff and project manager RJ to discuss your metal roofing project, and get a free estimate of the cost for installing or replacing a corrugated steel, standing seam or other metal roof. Fill out form below.

Metal shingle roofs come in many styles like this slate roof impression in interlocking metal shingles.

Metal Shingle Roofs

For homeowners seeking the performance benefits of metal roofing but want a less modern look, metal shingle roofs provide an aesthetically traditional style. Metal shingles come in many different styles and are usually galvanized steel or aluminum. There are, however, some more unique copper and zinc shingle roofing products available.

Metal shingle roofs can be made to mimick traditional roofing systems like slate and cedar shake, but in many cases they cost less than those original materials (wood and stone, respectively). They also come in a simple smooth tile finish and the classic spanish tile roof style.

Cost of Metal Shingle Roofing:

Metal shingle roofs cost on average between $8 and $10 per square foot in the greater Hanover area (southern PA and northern MD). This makes them slightly less expensive than standing seam metal roofs, but more pricey than corrugated steel. Visit RoofCalc's Metal Shingle Cost Guide to learn more about the pricing, or fill out our estimate request form below to get a free quote for metal shingle roofing installation in Hanover PA.

Check Out Our Roofing & Home Improvement Projects

We believe that our customers have the right to see our work before they hire us. To that end we document our projects from start to finish. You can see photos of our work and job details on our Home Improvements & Roofing Projects Blog.

Ten (10) Benefits of Metal Roofing

How metal shingle, standing-seam and corrugated steel compare to traditional asphalt shingle roofing systems

Both corrugated steal and standing seam metal roofing offer many benefits over traditional asphalt shingle roofing. Most of the benefits of metal roofing are in terms of durability (resistance to roof damage) and longevity (how long til you need a new roof).

What are the Benefits of Metal Roofs vs. Asphalt Shingles

  1. Interlocking panels are highly resistant to wind damage compared to shingle roofs.
  2. Corrugated Steel roofs are not much more expensive than asphalt shingle roofs.
  3. Standing Seam costs a lot more up front, but lasts decades longer than asphalt.
  4. Metal's rigidity provides more durability against storms and hail damage.
  5. Metal roofing lasts 40-70 years, or up to three times longer than asphalt shingle.
  6. Metal roofing reflects solar radiant heat - ideal for home energy conservation.
  7. Many manufacturers of metal panels provide 40-year warranties on the finish (paint).
  8. Fire resistance and lighter than other roofing materials: less structural load.
  9. Standing seam metal roofing fasteners are hidden for optimal beauty and continuity.
  10. Environmentally friendly and usually consist of up to 95% recycled metal.
Standing seam panels are a more modern and aesthetic metal roofing option. But also the most expensive at $8 to $12 per square foot.

Certified Hanover PA Metal Roofing Contractor in Every Way that Matters...

We've spent a great deal of time, effort and resources to get every certification we can in order to give our customers the peace of mind they deserve when they hire a local roofer to work on their home. JWE is proud of the following credentials and certifications:

Certified GAF "WeatherStopper" Roofing Contractor

Google-Guaranteed Contractor: background-checked and verified

Proud member of our local Hanover Area Chamber of Commerce

Certified CertainTeed "ShingleMaster" Roofer

BBB-Accredited and A-rated Roofing Company

4.87/5-star Rating across dozens of Customer Reviews

Hearth-Certified Roofing Financing Provider (learn more)

Free Inspection & Price Quote for Metal Roofing Installations from JWE

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    "The attribute my husband and I value most in any business is customer service. I had met with many roofing contractors before meeting RJ. During our first meeting he told me that there was a really good chance he would be able to get our roof replacement covered under our home owner's insurance. In addition to getting our roof replaced, he was able to get some internal water damaged coverage too! The roofers were very professional and efficient, and we were extremely pleased with the installation and finished product. There were various other projects, both inside and out, that we were interested in having done. JWE provided very fair estimates, so we scheduled to have the additional work done. Wyatt and his crew: Rob, Terry and Wes spent three days in our home completing these repairs. Each day it became more evident that JWE's employees truly do "go above and beyond for their customers". My husband and I are already discussing additional projects we would like JWE to do for us. After the incredible experience we had with them, they will definitely be the contractor we choose for future projects. I cannot express the depth of my gratitude for the exemplary customer service we received!!"

    - Maria Isennock in Felton PA | 5-Star Google Review.

    "These guys are terrific. They did such a good job replacing the cedar shake roofing on one of my outbuildings that I have hired them again to replace another. They are very responsive and committed to doing a great job. Highly recommend this company."

    - Valerie D. in Abbottstown PA | 5-Star Google Review.

    "Very personable and friendly group. Fast response to estimate request, honored estimate for work performed. Remodeling was AMAZING AND FANTASTIC!! Wyatt and Crew did a fabulous job, worked hard and finished in time originally estimated. I could not be happier! Definitely will use JWE again!"

    - Corie England in Glen Rock PA | 5-Star Google Review.

    "JWE Remodeling went above and beyond! After an unsatisfactory claim with my insurance company, RJ and the JWE team stepped in and handled a very difficult situation with professionalism and class. Their communication and response times throughout the several month process were impeccable. Now my new roof AND new siding look Amazing!! The crews that did each job were wonderful. On time, quick, and super courteous. I would highly recommend JWE for any remodeling needs!"

    - Ray Burris in Reisterstown MD | 5-Star Google Review.

    "I just wanted to say the guys did a great job, worked hard. The next day the neighbors commented how nice it looks and how clean my yard area was afterward. Looks like no one was even here. Awesome work."

    - Doug Funk in Spring Grove PA | 5-Star Google Review for our York area roofing.

    "Came when they said they would. Replaced shingles, paper, drip edge and a few water damaged boards. Did the job quickly, cleaned up and did a good job. Very pleased with all of the people that we dealt with. They went out of their way to ensure customer satisfaction. Was a 5 star."

    - Mike Blevins in Glenville PA | 5-Star Google Review for our roofing services.

    "I originally called JWE because my roof was leaking on my addition that the previous owner built. As soon as Jeff came out he knew just by looking at it that it was not done right. It needed rubber around it to stop it from leaking. He said how much it would cost him to do it. Very reasonable so I told him that I would let him do it. I asked him to look at my roof in case it needed done at the same time because I had been told by some other contractor that it needed done. Well the roof was fine but not the roof over the porch. He said he could fix that too. I have never worked with someone that was so knowledgeable and knew what he was doing. Didn't try to do extra or charge me for what I didn't need. They came out and finished in a day. Cleaned up beautifully. Very professional and I can't say enough great things about JWE Remodeling. If I could give 10 stars I would. Don't hesitate if you need roofing done them. Nowadays you have so many people trying to rip you off. Not these guys! I couldn't be happier. I would recommend highly and if I need anything else done I will be calling them."

    - Jill Santiago in Abbottstown PA | 5-Star Google Review for our Abbottstown roofing service.

    "Very professional and kept us informed through the entire process. They were readily available to answer questions day or night. We had a new roof put on and they left the area without debris and as clean as when they started. Workmen very very nice and polite. Would definitely recommend JWE for any home improvement."

    - Dawn Bowlin in Littlestown PA | 5-Star Google Review for our Littlestown PA roofing service.

    "These guys really worked with me with my insurance company which was not an easy transaction. They helped me out when I needed it the most. Very friendly and patient. They got me an amazing new roof. They were quick and thorough. I would definitely recommend this company."

    - Cherry Jordan in Hanover PA | 5-Star Google Review for our storm damage roofing restoration.

    "From start to finish, Jeff and RJ were professional, informative, and all inclusive. The public adjuster aspect was a huge help, as it alleviated any contact between myself and the insurance company (JWE did everything on my behalf) and I basically just had to endorse a check, pay my deductible, and receive my new roof (with it's lifetime warranty). I would recommend JWE to anyone looking for any sort of remodeling and/or roofing work."

    - Leo Morissette in Hanover PA | 5-Star Google Review for our roof damage restoration services.

    "Great company. Very responsive, answered all my questions and got full payment out of my insurance company. The crew was polite and super hard working. My new roof looks great!"

    - Laura Murphy in Hanover PA | 5-Star Google Review for our Hanover PA roofing service.

    "Replaced a roof and repaired drywall. Professional and personable. RJ was super responsive and kept me informed throughout the entire process."

    - Chris Conner in New Freedom PA | 5-Star Google Review for our roofing services.

    "JWE Did a great job with the interior ceiling and wall repairs after my roof was damaged in a storm. RJ picked up the ball with my insurance company after the roof repair company I had been using gave up after fixing the roof and made sure that the insurance company paid for everything they were supposed to so my house was whole again and I was happy with the results! They were all very professional and worked hard to produce quality results on or ahead of schedule and resolve any final finishing comments. I'd highly recommend JWE for any work on your home."

    - Justin Kratz in New Freedom PA | 5-Star Google Review for our remodeling and home improvement services.

    "The best experience I've ever had with a hired contractor. Out of Five initial calls to various companies JWE was the only one to return my call and it was quickly. RJ was cordial and offer great communication throughout the process. We are very pleased with the workmanship and and their price was very fair. Will definitely call them for all future work needed and also refer them to friends and family. Thanks to everyone at JWE."

    - Dia Schifler in New Freedom PA | 5-Star Google Review for our home repair services in New Freedom PA.

    "I have had a great experience working with JWE! Jeff and RJ were awesome to work with and their customer service is exceptional. I was in a rush to have my roof replaced and it was done within a week. The financing option through Hearth was very easy and intuitive, highly recommend. I will be using JWE for all of my home improvements. Highly recommend using this company!"

    - Toby Jamerson in Hanover PA | 5-Star Google Review for our roofing services in Hanover PA.

    "Very short insurance company mandated deadline. The JWE team came through, satisfied all their requirements."

    - Lawrence Dixon in York Springs PA | 5-Star Google Review for our roofing and siding services.

    "They did a great job on our roof, highly recommend them. Will definitely be using them again for future projects"

    - Wesley Pritt in New Oxford PA | 5-Star Google Review for our roofing services in New Oxford PA.

    "JWE did a great job with the work we had done, which was the kitchen ceiling and the roof on the house and garage. Nicely done!"

    - Charo Dubon in Hanover PA | 5-Star Google Review for our Hanover roofing services.

    "They responded immediately to repair my leaking roof. They were honest, courteous, dependable, and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend them."

    - Audrey Storm in York County PA | 5-Star Google Review for our Hanover PA roof repair services.

    "This whole process of replacing our roof from start to finish with JWE was exceptional. They navigated the insurance company for us in the most professional manner possible. The roofing materials are exceptional and the quality of the work even more outstanding. The team who performed the work was most efficient. The entire job took 6 hours to include the cleanup. Would highly recommend JWE remodeling and roofing to everyone!!! Great Job!!!!!"

    - Wanda Gleason's 5-Star Google Review for our Seven Valleys, PA Roofing Services

    "We highly recommend JWE. Jeff & his team do excellent work. They put new shingles on our house and garage and they did a professional job on the roofs. They are beautiful. They put a big tarp on the ground for the old shingles to go on so there was no mess, and no shingles in my yard. They had hand-held magnets to collect any nails that bounced off the tarp. They finished our roofs on the same day that they started working on them. We are very happy with our new roofs and everyone that sees them gives us compliments."

    - G. Wentz in Hanover, PA 17331 | 5-Star Google Review for our Roof Replacement Services

    "My experience has been wonderful from beginning to end!! JWE and crew did a fabulous job on my roof! They were in and out in one day! Clean up was phenomenal! Eric hare totally dealt with insurance company which sealed the deal for me!! If you need a new roof, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with this company!!!"

    - Dawn Merrbaugh in Abbottstown, Adams County PA | 5-Star Google Review for our Roof Replacement in Abbottstown

    "Jeff and his his crew did a fantastic job! Got all the work done in one day. Did an exceptional clean up job at the end of the day."

    - Patricia B. in Union/Littlestown PA | 5-Star Google Review for our Roof Replacement Services

    "The company promptly responded to our request to fix the roof leaks and did so at the earliest possible time. They used the highest quality materials while informatively describing everything that they were going to do. The job itself was done in a rapid and thorough manner. They also performed a number of quick inspections and fixes around the roof while also performing a quick patch up job that we asked them to do on the spot even though we did not originally agree on it. They also gave a number of very useful and important recommendations about maintaining or improving the quality of our roof as well as when to replace it."

    - C.N. in Carlisle, PA | 5-Star Google Review

    "This crew was hired as subcontractors by our primary contractor. However, they did such a beautiful job installing our new siding, that we would not hesitate to hire them independently for future work. They were a great group of guys who work quickly with great attention to detail and quality."

    - Daphne K. in Hanover, PA | 5-Star Google Review for our Siding Contractor Services

    "Jeff and the team at JWE came out and did my roof in Mcsherrystown/Hanover PA. They tore off my old roof and replaced it with a brand new high definition GAF architectural shingle roof a few years ago! The job was done in a timely manner & he exceeded all expectations. He kept the job site clean and organized at all times and kept us in the loop and explained everything that was happening in detail. Over all it was a great experience."

    - Victoria S. in Hanover, PA | 5-Star Google Review for our Roofing Services

    "Did a nice job on new siding for the house. Jeff was great in his communication with me as the job progressed along."

    - Ryan F. in Finksburg MD | 5-Star Google Review for our Siding Contractor Services

    "These guys were amazing. Everything we asked for even price they were able to do for us. Thank you guys again so much. Just amazing work."

    - Anthony Noriega in McSherrystown, Hanover PA | 5-Star Google Review for our Remodeling & Additions Services

    "Awesome Job! Friendly Crew! Left jobsite cleaner than when they arrived! Work done looks amazing! Thank-You everyone!"

    - Ken C. in McSherrystown, Hanover PA | 5-Star Google Review

    "These guys are great. Super efficient and they really know their stuff."

    - Kayla R. Minguez in Carlisle, Adams County PA | 5-Star Google Review for our Roof Damage Repair services

    "We converted an office space into a bedroom for our growing family. The office had a large opening where we had French doors installed which still had to be built in. They were very responsive from the beginning. We were kept in the loop on when the doors were ordered, when there was a delay, when they were shipped and delivered. They showed up when they said they would. Everything was done in a timely and professional manner. They care about their customers which clearly shows when addressing concerns and making sure the quality is there in the finished product and throughout the project. I cannot day enough about RJ, the project manager, and the owner Jeff who always shows up on the job to ensure everything is as it should be. We will be using their services again! Thank you for being such a pleasure to work with! We are truly happy with everything."

    - K. Duty in Abbottstown PA | 5-Star Google Review for our interior remodeling services

    "I had a piece of siding that had blown off the side of my residence. I used their website and requested a free estimation for the fix. Jeff and RJ responded to my request and even responded out to my residence and fixed the issue with out hesitation in less than an hour! They were both professional and responded in a timely manner. I will definitely be using these guys for any future needs!"

    - Mitchell Keller in New Oxford, Adams County PA | 5-Star Google Review for our Siding Repair Services in Greater Hanover PA

    "Good work, house looks great!"

    - Brian Eckenrode in Hanover PA | 5-Star Google Review for our Hanover Siding Installation and Roof Replacement Service

    "Worked with Jeff and RJ to select the color siding that was best for our house. Very easy to work with and answered all of our questions. Workmanship was top notch and couldn't be happier. We highly recommend them."

    - M. Becker in McSherrystown PA | 5-Star Google Review for our vinyl siding and exterior home remodeling in McSherrystown.

    "We had our roof replaced by JWE Remodeling and Roofing. The roof looks great! They were very professional and the job was very clean when it was completed. Thank you!"

    - R. Porciello in Seven Valleys PA | 5-Star Google Review for our Seven Valleys PA Roofing Services.

    "They did an awesome roof replacement on my home & garage! Friendly courteous crew! Left my property cleaner than when they had arrived!"

    - Keith Wildasin in Hanover PA | 5-Star Facebook Review for our Hanover PA Roof Replacements

    We Offer Standing Seam & Corrugated Metal Roofing Installations in Greater Hanover PA...

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