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Log Cabin Remodel: Vinyl Siding Contractor York Springs PA

Vinyl Siding Installation, Custom Metal Trim, New Soffit and Fascia Cover this Log Cabin in York Springs PA for a Complete Top-to-Bottom Exterior Renovation Project by Home Improvement Contractor JWE Remodeling Siding Contractor in Hanover PA JWE executed this York County 17372 remodeling project. View photos and details below. Contact us for a free estimate if your home is in need of improvements or repairs.

This full vinyl siding exterior remodeling service was executed for owners of this log cabin home on South Ridge Road in York Springs, PA 17372. We serve all of greater York County and Adams County with high quality roofing, roof repair and siding contractor services. In addition to York Springs we serve neighboring towns like Hampton, New Oxford, Biglerville, Fairfield and more! Contact us now for a free Estimate.

Log cabin remodel with new vinyl siding in York Springs PA by siding contractor JWE Remodeling

Intro: Free Estimate from Siding Contractor JWE
These York Springs PA homeowners contacted us for a free estimate for new siding installation.

This York County couple wanted to update the look of their log cabin home. Tired of the constant upkeep and maintenance required of the traditional log siding, these retired homeowners wanted to explore their options for a more modern look. JWE owner Jeff Erb and project manager RJ D'Angelo presented options for several types of siding, including log imitation vinyl, dutch lap, aluminum, fiber cement (Hardie-Plank) and more. After browsing our selection of samples provided at no cost as part of our free estimate, the homeowners chose to go with a 4" inch straight lap vinyl siding with custom metal-wrapped trim and fascia and new soffit. Check out the scope of work details below.

Scope of Work: Exterior Remodel & Siding Contractor

House-Wrap Installation?

We always make sure our customers' homes are well protected from weather and moisture, and insulated against home energy loss. This usually means installing some type of extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation insulation panels like Kingspan GreenGuard insulation or Tyvek house wrap for moisture. This particular log cabin home was really well insulated and since we did not demolish any of the existing wall systems, the homeowners chose to not install any further insulation. You can learn more about house-wrap and exterior insulation on our Siding/Exterior page. We therefore determined that the home needed house-wrap installation. So we included installation of Tyvek house-wrap in the remodeling scope of work.

Furring Strip Framing before Vinyl Siding Installation

Ultimately we had to install furring strips around the entire exterior of this home, fastened directly to the log siding. Pictured below are photos of the furring installation. This was necessary to create an even, flat and flush surface for installing the vinyl siding. The windows and doors were additionally framed out with furring strips in order to allow room for their custom-fabricated aluminum trim.

Framing the exterior of this log cabin with furring strips to make a flat, even surface for installing the vinyl siding.
Framing out an even surface for installing the vinyl siding. The furring strips are fastened directly to the log cabin siding.

Colors & Styles: Siding, Fascia, Soffit, Metal Trim & More: Log Cabin Remodel

Framing out the entire exterior of this log cabin home meant that every outer surface needed to be redone, which was part of the plan for this exterior remodel. Our expert siding installers and carpenters installed custom-fabricated break-metal trim around doors, windows, fascia, porch posts, etc. The soffit was replaced also. The homeowners chose a Mahogany colored straight-lap 4" vinyl siding. The brand we used is Mastic Ovation by PlyGem, an excellent siding manufacturer.

The color of the trim and accents had to match the Mahogany color siding. We helped these customers choose a Musket Brown color aluminum metal for the trim around doors and windows, fascia and soffit. This helped keep the rustic look that they liked so much about the old log cabin, but now it looks much more modern. And, of course, with vinyl siding the home will now cost much less money and time to maintain.

straight lap or clapboard style vinyl siding vs dutch-lap style vinyl siding comparison
From left to right: straight-lap or clapboard style vinyl siding vs. traditional dutchlap style vinyl siding. These McSherrystown homeowners chose straight lap style.

Straight-Lap (Clapboard) Style vs. Dutch-Lap Style Vinyl Siding

As is the case for many of our siding remodels (like this one in McSherrystown) these customers had to choose between different styles of vinyl siding: "straight-lap" or "dutch-lap" style. Dutchlap is the original style and is thought of as more traditional, while Straight-lap (also called Clapboard) provides a more modern look. Both vinyl siding styles come with similar benefits in terms of durability, aesthetics, water drainage and ease of installation. Some suggest that dutchlap style (on the right) has better impact-resistance. However, in or opinion and experience, the jury is still out on that one. In short, both of these popular vinyl siding styles are extremely durable, look great, and are affordable options for anyone looking to renovate their home's exterior. Both CertainTeed and PlyGem - two of our favorite building product manufacturers - offer a number of color and style choices in their vinyl siding products. Contact JWE Remodeling siding contractors for a free estimate and dutchlap/clapboard samples to see which you like best. Let us know in the comments below if you have an opinion!

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Vinyl Siding Installation Photos: Log Cabin Remodel Below are picture of this Log Cabin Vinyl Siding Exterior Remodeling Service by JWE in York Springs PA 17372

Remodeling a log cabin: our siding crew installs viyl lap siding over this log siding home

York County PA Siding Contractor JWE Remodeling & Roofing

Installation Photos: Framing with Furring Strips, Vinyl Lap Siding, Custom Metal Trim & Fascia, Soffit and More

See photos below of the installation of the vinyl siding, the new custom metal trim, vinyl soffit, metal fascia and more. The finished photos are after that. JWE Remodeling and Roofing takes the time to provide the highest quality siding services in south-central PA and our reviews prove it! Make sure to contact us for a free inspection and estimate.

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Log Cabin Remodel with New Vinyl Siding

Log Cabin Remodel: Vinyl Siding, Fascia, Soffit, Custom Metal Trim & More

Below are the final photos of this siding contractor job by JWE Remodeling & Roofing. CONTACT US TODAY if you think your siding is damaged or in need of updating, or if you are tired of the upkeep required to maintain your log cabin home. These homeowners will never again have to get their log cabin home painted or stained. We offer the highest quality siding and exterior remodeling services in southern PA and northern Maryland.

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