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Garage Addition & Remodeling Contractor in Hanover PA

Garage Addition & Remodeling Contracting in Hanover PA 17331: We installed new walls, doors and windows to execute an interior/exterior remodel that provides more living space for these Adams County homeowners.
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Garage Addition Remodel in Hanover PA 17331: New Interior & Exterior Walls, Doors and Windows

This garage addition was executed on Water Street, in the McSherrystown neighborhood of Hanover PA 17331.

Scope Overview: Getting Started Check out the Before Photos & the Process of Framing the New Walls for this Garage Addition Remodel

Remodeling Scope of Work

  • New Exterior Wall: In order to close off the carport-style garage with constructed an exterior wall with a double french door and windows from corner to corner to let in plenty of light and create a stunning entry into the new garage addition.
  • New Entry Doors: We installed new entry doors with divided light panels both in the back of the remodeled garage and on the inside, leading to the kitchen. Both are steel entry doors with brand new hardware and knobs.
  • Custom Closet Remodel: The existing utility closet was unfinished, but since this garage is now a finished interior living space the closet got remodeled entirely. We finished the walls with drywall, installed new trim/casing and designed and built custom shelving to top it off.
Building the frame of the exterior wall that closes off the old carport-garage.

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Framing the New Wall + Installing Doors and Windows French Doors, Divided Light Panels & Sliding Windows

We installed a total of EIGHT new doors and windows in this garage addition remodel. The new exterior wall creates a stunning entry to the new addition with a centered double French door with divided light panels. It's surrounded by a pair of double-windows that, per the customer's request, slide sideways rather than up and down. Then inside the new living space we replaced the entry door into the main house: a divided light paneled steel entry door. Finally in the back of the new addition we installed a similar divided-light paneled door leading to the backyard and pool. Plenty of light is allowed into this new space for these Hanover homeowners. Check out photos of the doors and windows below, and click any one for a full-sized slideshow.

Framing out the New Wall To begin this garage addition we needed to close-off the new carport by installing an exterior wall with french doors and several windows:

Click any photo to open a full-size slideshow of the framing process...

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Finished Interior The new living space in this garage addition remodel, including a finsihed closet with custom shelving

The interior work for this garage addition included finishing the wall like we would for a regular interior wall at any of our Hanover PA home improvement projects. After installing the double windows and french doors we insulated the walls with paper-faced fiberglass insulation. We then finished the inside with drywall. Ceiling trim was installed where the new wall meets the header above what was once the carport/garage entry. We cased the doors and windows with clamshell-style trim and then installed new base-molding to top it off and give it some profile.

The old utility closet was previously unfinished, with cinder-block walls. Since we converted this garage into a fully-functioning interior living space the customer wanted a new custom closet to go with it. We helped her design the layout of the shelves how she wanted them, and we used solid-wood pine rather than plywood or MDF. This makes the custom shelves much more durable and sturdy than the typical closet.

Finished Exterior The new garage addition extends the home's exterior. We finished it off with new vinyl siding in a bold color.

The final photos of this Hanover PA garage addition show the stunning entry created by the french doors with matching double-windows. The bold, dark siding color really makes the white window trim stand out. We also installed some siding to the right of the newly remodeled addition in order to keep the style matching throughout. Check out the photos below, and click any one for a full slideshow. If you're looking for a remodeling contractors in Hanover PA make sure you get in touch with us below for your free, no-obligation estimate!

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