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Exterior Remodel: Deck, Stairs, Roofing and More in Manchester, MD 21088

We executed this exterior home improvement project by demolishing an existing addition to this home in Manchester, MD and then constructing a new roof and a new deck on top of the roof with a grand stair-case, metal-wrapped trim and more.

Use the menu above to jump to the different sections of this exterior remodeling project. Or scroll through from start to finish to see this job develop, from demolition to final construction!

Exterior Remodeling and Rooftop Deck Construction by JWE Remodeling and Roofing in Manchester, MD 21088
Exterior Remodeling and Rooftop Deck Construction by JWE Remodeling and Roofing in Manchester, MD 21088

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Exterior Remodeling Project in Manchester, Maryland: Before Photos, Demolition Process

We were hired for exterior remodeling services in Manchester, Maryland. This home had an existing structure that was an addition to the original house at some point. Located above the first-floor back entrance and mudroom the structure had fallen into disrepair. The siding was completely removed, as you can see in the picture, and the exterior was covered in house-wrap. Inside, the room had not been maintained properly and was in really bad shape. So we went about the fun work of demolishing and tearing out the old addition.

As you can see in the pictures below we removed the roof first. Then we blew out the old walls and ripped up the old floor to expose the first-floor ceiling's joists. We executed this exterior demolition in half a day. Check out the photos below, and then move on to the next section where we close up the first floor and lay down a new EPDM rubber roof.

Before our demolition begins. See the exterior damage and disrepair of the 2nd floor addition. It is about to be demolished and removed and a deck built in its place.
Exterior demolition in progress: we removed the roof and are in the process of removing the walls in this picture.
Exterior demolition process in Manchester, MD. This is the fun part! Blowing out the walls and removing this old addition.
Demolishing the floor of the old structure, exposing the joists from the ceiling below.

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Executing the Roof Re-Build & Installing EPDM Rubber Roofing, Metal-Wrapping the Exterior Trim

After the old addition was completely removed we were left with the original exterior wall now re-exposed. We installed new break-metal wrapping around the door and window header, trim and casing. The new metal is a classic jet black gloss finish.

We also installed a new roof above the downstairs mud-room (where the floor of the old addition was). The new roof was first sheathed with OSB (oriented strand board) as shown in the photos below. Then it was sealed with EPDM rubber roofing and got new drip-edge and trim to match the other metal-wrap we installed. The black-on-white look makes a statement!

As with all JWE's home improvement services this remodel was done with care and attention to detail: our owner himself executed the most important exterior carpentry, roofing and break-metal work. Check out the pictures below. Next is the new roof-top deck build and the grand staircase construction!

Check out the process of installing metal-wrap around the exterior trim. Before: damaged wood. After: sharp classic black metal-wrapped trim.
Exterior trim wrapped in jet black metal. The header above the first floor door, roof drip edge, etc.
The black metal-wrapping of this home's exterior trim along the adjacent roof.
The header above the first-floor gets wrapped in black metal to match the drip edge on the new roof.
The new roof above the first floor mud-room gets sheathed in OSB before installation of EPDM rubber.
Roofing OSB Sheathing being Installed in Manchester MD 21088
Our owner, Jeff, installs and finishes the EPDM rubber roofing, making sure there are ZERO bubbles in the rubber.

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Grand Staircase and Roof-Top Deck Build: Exterior Remodeling in Manchester, MD 21088

After the roof was built and installed we framed out a new roof-top deck over the first floor mudroom. It was framed with pressure treated 2" x 4" lumber and the flooring was built with 5/4" boards. This platform will allow for a nice view of the backyard at this Manchester, MD 21088 home.

Cutting the stringers for the new grand staircase happened next. This 12 foot long straight run of exterior steps is a whopping four feet wide! It makes for an impressive entrance up to the new rooftop deck and the second floor entry door. Check out the photos of the deck and stairs construction below. The final, finished-product photos of this Manchester Maryland exterior home improvement are in the following section.

If you are looking for a local home improvement contractor to help with any of your construction service needs you can contact JWE using the form at the end of this page. 
Cutting the stringers for the exterior stair case.
A close-up of the flooring on the rooftop deck.
Deck and Exterior Stairs Construction in Manchester MD 21088
Exterior stair-case being built
Grand Stair-Case construction completed! Next step: railings.
A view from the top of the exterior staircase
Railing build and installation started on the deck and stairs.

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Final Photos: Completed Exterior Remodel - New Deck & Stair-Case Construction in Manchester, MD 21088

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