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Dover PA Roofing & Restoration Contractor: Hail Damage

Roofing in Dover PA 17315: Hail Damage Restoration Services

Dover PA Roofing Services

There are almost 8,000 houses between Dover Township and Dover Borough in this York County area just northwest of York city. We're guessing that pretty much every one of these homes suffered wind and hail damage during recent storms in 2019 and 2020. This home had extensive hail damage to roofing and siding, and our public adjuster was able to get the entire exterior approved and paid for by the insurance company at no cost to the homeowner other than his $500 deductible. Check out the photos of this Dover PA roofing and siding job below.

JWE Roofing Contractors in Dover PA execute a full exterior remodel, paid for by insurance for hail damage.
Roof replacement services in Dover PA 17315 by JWE Remodeling & Roofing Contractors
JWE owner Jeff Erb watches his roofers execute this full tear-off and roof replacement in Dover PA 17315.

Storm Damage in Dover PA 17315: Roofing & Siding by JWE

The Dover / York PA area had a major hail storm in July of 2019 that caused damage to the Dover home pictured on this page. There were other hail storms as recently as April and August of 2020, too. Additionally, there have been several severe thunder- and wind-storms, as recent as August 2020. These storms cause extensive damage to siding and roofing. This includes, but is not limited to, missing siding, damaged fascia metal, and blown-off or creased shingles with granule loss. This type of damage can compromise the entire roofing system. As a result, roofs can leak and cause extensive collateral damage to homes and buildings. If you have hail damage or missing shingles on your Dover roof or if your home was hit by a storm and you're not sure - don't take any chances! Email or call JWE today.

Claim Handling by Licensed Adjusters

Storm-related damage is a covered peril under pretty much every standard homeowners insurance policies. However, this does not mean your home is a guaranteed approval. To fight for our customers, we are affiliated with a licensed public adjuster who handles the claim. This insurance claim specialist works directly on the homeowners' behalf to get a fair settlement for the storm damage roofing claim. Ultimately, this increases the chances that proper repairs are paid for rather than band-aid style patchwork repairs. Best of all the adjusting service is 100% free of charge when you hire JWE to execute the insurance-approved restoration work. Learn more about our affiliated property damage specialists.

Just Your Deductible...

Ultimately, JWE did not and does not charge a single dollar more than the insurance agrees to pay for the approved scope of work. Guaranteed. Our Dover storm damage roofing and siding services therefore cost our customers nothing out of pocket other than their deductible. In the end, the home pictured on this page received a full lifetime roofing system replacement for free, and the siding is getting done as well. All for the $500 deductible. Don't take our word for it: read about our stellar services in Maryland's Emmitsburg News-Journal and Erie News Now.

About 9 in 10 of the roof replacements we do in Dover, York and greater South-Central Pennsylvania in general are insurance-approved restorations for storm damage. We therefore have a lot of experience with these types of restorations. Contact us today if your roof is leaking, has hail damage or if you're concerned about problems from recent storms!

Our Dover PA Roofing Services, Warranty, Etc.

Whether your Dover roof replacement or roof repair project is being paid for by insurance or you are paying for an upgrade out of pocket doesn't really matter to us. Our commitment to the highest quality roofing services is always the same. 

We ALWAYS offer a 100% workmanship guarantee on our roofing installations. Furthermore, this warranty covers you for the entire lifetime of the roofing system. For most roofing products that's a minimum of 40 years. Therefore, if anything goes wrong with your roof due to our installation: just call us and we'll fix it for free. Additionally, under our manufacturers' limited lifetime warranty, if anything is wrong with the shingles themselves they will be replaced. Ultimately, with our roofing services you're 100% covered. We're confident that this is the most comprehensive and longest-lasting warranty offered by any roofing contractor in Dover, York, Hanover our all of Southern Pennsylvania. If anyone beats it - let us know!!

METAL ROOFING: Looking to upgrade to a corrugated metal or standing seam metal roofing in New Freedom PA? We are York County's #1 metal roofing contractor, and our lifetime installation warranty is unbeatable.

Learn More

Components of our Lifetime Roofing Systems

Above all, your roof is more than just a layer of shingles, sheet metal, or whatever roofing material is on the outside. Underneath that is a complex system of barriers that work together to create the full roofing system. The following are components of our lifetime-warrantied architectural asphalt shingle roofing system that are included in all of our roof replacements and new roofing installations in the greater Dover PA area.

Note: If you have a 3-tab asphalt shingle roof damaged by storms, insurance will only pay for a new 3-tab roof. We don't install these inferior roofs, so we provide the upgrade to architectural asphalt shingles for free. 

Roof Deck: we replace all rotted or failing OSB/plywood sheathing (pictured).

Synthetic Underlayment: for extra water protection for the roof deck (pictured).

Flashing & Drip Edge: metal protection from leaks (see below for more).

Ice-and-Water Shield: a membrane applied to valleys, edges and around vents/pipes.

Pipe Boots: special protection against leak-prone pipe and box vents.

Starter Shingles: to protect the roof from strong winds.

Ridge Vent & Caps: for proper attic ventilation and ridge protection.

Or keep reading to see photos of our New Freedom PA roofing & siding services . . . 

Our Dover PA roofing services include a full lifetime-warrantied roofing system: new underlayment, drip edge, flashing, ice-and-water shield, ridge vent, ridge caps, vent boots, etc.
Our roof replacements always include a full tear-off of the old roof, including the installation of new flashings around dormers and along sidewalls.

PRICING: Dover PA Roof Replacements & Repairs

Below are ballpark pricing for New Freedom PA 17349 asphalt shingle roof replacements, metal roofing installations and roof repair services offered by JWE Remodeling & Roofing Contractors. The prices below are rough estimates for the range you should expect to pay for your York roofing installation or replacement. Most of our customers get their roof replacement approved and paid for by insurance, so they therefore only pay their deductible. But for out-of-pocket costs for roofing in New Freedom PA, expect to pay roughly what you see below for roof replacements. For a small roof leak repair project, our flat fee is $348 and includes the items listed below. Contact us if you have any questions or to schedule an actual free quote!

Shingle Roof Replacement

$5 - 7 / Square Foot
  • Most Popular Option: asphalt shingles provide a durable and cost-effective roofing option.
  • Full Replacement: complete tear-off and re-installation of new roofing system.
  • Highest Quality Materials: architectural asphalt shingles by GAF, CertainTeed or IKO.
  • Roofing Cost Variables: roof complexity and pitch (slope), jobsite access, and shingle quality.

Metal Roofing Installation

$7 - 13 / Square Foot
  • Complete Roofing Service: full demolition, roof deck repairs and new components.
  • Highest Quality Materials: from reputable local suppliers like AB Martin, RG Miller, etc.
  • Price Variables for Metal Roofing: roof complexity, pitch (slope), and type of metal roof make cost vary signficantly.
  • Metal Roofing Types: Standing Seam ($9-12/sf), Corrugated Steel ($5-7/sf), etc.

Roof Repair Service

$348 / Roof Repair
  • Full Roof Inspection: for any and all types of roofs - rubber, metal, shingle, etc. Identify roof leak source.
  • Patch & Seal: caulk and fix all flashing, vents, broken seams and holes.
  • More: replace up to 7 shingles, repair popped nails and/or screws, and install up to 1 new vent pipe boot.
  • Storm-Related Damage: free emergency roof repair with insurance claim contract signing.

Photo Gallery: Roofing in Dover PA

Click any photo to open a full slideshow of the finished result. This Dover PA roofing and siding replacement performed by our expert, certified roofing contractors resulted in a five-star review from the homeowner. The asphalt shingles are IKO Cambridge "Dual Black" and the rubber roof is 60mil fully-adhered EPDM.

Click here to see shingle color samples.

We install architectural asphalt shingle roofing systems backed by our 100% workmanship and limited lifetime manufacturer warranty. If you're looking for a Dover PA roofing contractor use the form below to schedule a free estimate with us. We are a licensed, insured and certified roofer, a BBB-accredited business with an A-rating, dozens of 5-star reviews, and we're a proud member of the Hanover Chamber of Commerce. Additionally we have passed Google Local Services' background checks and verification process. We're York County's finest in roofing, siding and home improvement services!

Get a Free Consultation & Estimate for your Roofing, Siding or Storm Damage Restoration

Use the form below or call us at 717-640-7131 to schedule an estimate with our owner and/or project manager. Quotes are always free, and so are consultations to discuss whether or not you qualify for an insurance-approved roof replacement. We are typically available for appointments within a day or two of contacting us. Thanks for getting in touch!!

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