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Covered Concrete Patio Construction in Dover, PA 17315

This home in Dover, PA 17315 had an old damaged wooden patio in the backyard which we demolished and replaced with a simple and functional poured slab concrete patio. We then constructed a large and high wooden roofing enclosure to cover the patio and provide shelter from the weather. The flat rubber roof covering the patio extended around the entire back side of the house.
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Covered Concrete Patio Construction with Flat Roof in Dover PA 17315 by JWE Remodeling & Roofing

Dover PA Patio Construction: Project Design & Planning

We were hired for our deck and patio construction services by this homeowner in Dover, PA 17315 (York County) who was seeking a reliable local home improvement contractor. She wanted to renovate and renew the functionality and appearance of her back yard. Her existing ground-level wood plank patio was warped and rotten and failing and needed to be replaced. We discussed options for her that worked well with how often she used the backyard. She said that she regularly had grandkids and friends over to swim in the pool, and needed a covered, enclosed patio area for entertaining guests out of the weather.

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Constructing the Concrete Patio and Building the Roof Cover

A poured concrete patio was her choice of the options we presented. Poured concrete is a cost-effective way to construct a solid backyard patio that will last a long time. Covering this Dover PA patio would be a simple process of constructing a wooden flat-roof system with as few footings as possible while still being up to code. After securing the appropriate building permits we were ready to get started demolishing the old deck, digging the foundation for the poured concrete patio, installing the forms, etc.

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Concrete poured. Next step: building the Roof Cover for this Dover PA 17315 Patio Construction Project by JWE Remodeling & Roofing

Work started by demolishing the existing wood-plank patio and then digging out the foundation of the new concrete patio 8" deep. We then installed the forms and laid down 4" of aggregate base (crushed stone). Finally we were ready to have 3500psi reinforced concrete delivered. We poured and finished the concrete (pictured below) and then let it set before constructing the roof to complete this covered concrete patio. The patio extends across the entire back side of the house. It spans the back stairs and the garage entry door. Check out the pictures below to see the finished result of this simple, functional backyard patio project. Feel free to drop a note in the comments to let us know what you think!

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Photo Gallery: Covered Concrete Patio Construction in Dover, PA 17315

After letting the new poured concrete patio set up we then installed the footers (posts) for the large wooden enclosure that covers the patio. The flat roof provides shelter from the elements and it was really important to this Dover PA 17315 homeowner. She wanted to be able to entertain her grandchildren and friends no matter the weather. The covered patio extends past the main section to a 4" wide walkway in front of the back of the house, and it also extends to the other side in front of the garage door. This way the patio covered the whole length of the backyard. Check out the photos below, and drop a comment at the bottom to let us know what you think!

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