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Concrete Sidewalk & Steps in Chambersburg PA 17201

JWE was hired to provide concrete pouring services at this Chambersburg PA home. After demolishing the old damaged sidewalks we formed, poured and finished a new concrete sidewalk, walkway and set of steps.

Concrete Sidewalk & Steps Construction Services by JWE Remodeling in Chambersburg PA 17015

Concrete Excavation & Demolition: Digging Up and Removing the Old Damaged Sidewalk, Walkway and Steps

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The old damaged concrete sidewalk in the front of this Chambersburg PA home was drawing negative attention from the neighbors and even the town. Cracks and humps in concrete sidewalks are dangerous, and homeowners know that it is their responsibility to maintain their sidewalks and walkways pursuant to most Pennsylvania towns' "Common Sense" legislation: publicly-used walkways and sidewalks in front of a home must be safe. So JWE Remodeling & Roofing was hired to excavate the old concrete and construct new sidewalks, walkways and a set of steps leading up to the front porch of this home.

Before any work began we secured a permit from the town of Chambersburg, PA 17201, and before we broke ground on the excavation and demolition of the existing sidewalk, walkway and steps we used the PA One-Call service to ensure that we were safely digging away from any utilities. Safety is important, and JWE makes sure to follow all regulations, code and best practices.

Below are some pictures of the excavation and demolition.

Damaged Concrete Sidewalk before Excavation and Demoliton by JWE in Chambersburg PA 17201
Concrete Sidewalk Excavation and Demolition in Chambersburg PA 17201
Concrete Sidewalk Excavation and Demolition in Chambersburg PA 17201
Concrete Sidewalk Excavation and Demolition in Chambersburg PA 17201

Concrete Forming & Stone Base: Frame for New Sidewalk, Walkway & Steps Formed and Stone Base Spread

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After the old damaged concrete was all excavated down to a depth of 4 inches we installed 2"x4" boards around the perimeter of the new sidewalks, walkway and steps. This process of concrete construction is called "forming", and as with all of JWE's Pennsylvania home improvement services this was done with care and attention to detail: we made sure the new concrete was formed straight and level and with a slope to handle water runoff.

With the forming complete we then laid down 4 inches of stone aggregate as a base for the concrete. We noticed there was previously no stone base under the old sidewalk, and that definitely caused extreme settling and shifting which led to cracks and breaks.

Safety is important to us, so when the day was done we fenced the perimeter of this Chambersburg PA job site and taped it off with caution tape.

Now that day one was done (we executed the concrete excavation, forming, and stone base in one day, which was great because this customer needed this job done as quickly as possible) we were ready for concrete pouring and finishing the next day. Check out the photos of the forming and stone base laying below.

Click any photo for a fullscreen slideshow of the concrete forming in Chambersburg:

Concrete Pouring and Finishing: New Sidewalks, Walkways and Steps Poured and Finished in front of this home in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania 17201

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On day two we were ready to pour the concrete into the forms we prepared and installed the day before. A local Chambersburg PA concrete supplier delivered the 3500psi reinforced concrete and the JWE team began the crucial process of pouring and finishing it to perfection. Check out the photos below to see the concrete finishing process and the finished sidewalk, walkways and steps. If you are looking for a local Pennsylvania home improvement contractor to help with any of your construction service needs you can contact JWE using the form at the end of this page. Thanks for stopping by!

Click any photo below to launch a full-screen slideshow of this Concrete Pouring and Finishing Project in Chambersburg, PA 17201:

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Looking for a qualified concrete contractor in south-central Pennsylvania? JWE Remodeling & Roofing is fully licensed and insured and eager to hear about your construction project. Fill out the form below to schedule a free estimate!

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