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Abbottstown PA Roofing Contractor: Roof Replacement Service

Abbottstown PA Roofing Service by JWE including a full Roof Replacement for Storm Damage. High Quality Roof Repair in Abbottstown PA 17301 approved and paid for by insurance.
Learn more about our Abbottstown PA Roofing Services, Roof Replacements & Roof Repair Work on this Page. See Photos & Details of Our Most Recent Roofing System Replacement: an Insurance Claim we got Approved for Storm Damage in Abbottstown PA 17301

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We offer the highest quality roof replacement services to residents of greater Abbottstown PA 17301 including neighboring Adams County towns like New Oxford, East Berlin, Hampton, Hanover 17331 and more! Contact us for a free Roof Inspection & Consultation.

High Quality Abbottstown PA Roofing Services by JWE: Roof Repairs & Roof Replacements. Learn more on this page and contact us for a free roof inspection.

The Insurance Claim for Roof Damage
Storm Damage results in Abbottstown PA Roofing repairs paid for by homeowners insurance. Roof replacement performed by JWE.

This roof replacement started with a free roof inspection so that the homeowner can properly report the roof damage to their insurance company. After we performed the inspection and advised the homeowner that there was extensive damage, the process of filing the claim began.

Roof damage must be documented thoroughly or there is a chance that an insurance company will deny the claim. Roofing contractors are not allowed to assist in this process or negotiate with insurance companies, so we set up these Abbottstown PA roofing customers with the professionals at Chateau Public Adjusters.

The licensed public adjusters at Chateau worked with our customers' homeowners insurance company to secure full approval of a brand new LIFETIME roofing system by GAF. For more on how public adjusters help property owners get the MOST from their insurance claims, make sure to read Chateau Public Adjusters' blog.

* Contractors are not legally allowed to negotiate with insurance companies on a homeowner's behalf, so if your contractor offers or advertises that they can 'work with insurance companies' they are breaking the law. The reason for this is that it takes a lot of training to be an insurance professional, and there is a lot at stake. The licensed professionals at Chateau have that training, and we feel confident with our customers' roofs in their hands.

See more photos and details of our roofing services in Adams County & York County PA by check out our Roofing & Remodeling Portfolio Blog:
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GAF Lifetime-Warrantied "Timberline HD" Asphalt Shingle Roofing System The majority of our Roof Damage Repairs & Abbottstown PA Roofing Services Result in Approval of a Full Roof Replacement. Learn More Below. (See Also: Our Roofing Services)

A LIFETIME roofing system by GAF includes the following components. When 3 or more are installed, the asphalt roof is warrantied for 35 years. We got the installation of these components approved and paid for by the insurance company due to the need for roof damage repair at this Hanover PA home. If your roof is damaged, get a free inspection now!


Asphalt Shingles

GAF Timberline HD LIFETIME asphalt shingles, in any style.

Roofing Felt Paper

An underlayment tar paper to help with waterproofing.

Ridge Vent

"Snow Country" by GAF. For proper attic ventilation.

Starter Strip

Asphalt starter shingles to prevent wind damage.

Metal Drip-Edge

Perimeter flashing that helps control water run-off.

Ridge Cap

"Seal-A-Ridge" by GAF. Helps cap the vent system.

We also installed the following flashing as part of this Hanover PA roof damage repair.

Step-Flashing & Counter-Flashing

Lifetime Vent-Pipe Boot Flashing

Chimney Flashing & Apron Flashing

Looking for the Best Abbottstown PA Roofing Contractor?

We know you have many options when choosing. Here's what makes our roofing contractor services in Hanover PA stand out from the competition:

We offer free roof inspections and estimates from our owner.

Services from our public adjusters cost you nothing out of our pocket - it comes out of the insurance money they get for you.

We're licensed and insured and have earned a 5-star reputation from your neighbors. References available.

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Photos: Abbottstown PA Roof Replacement Service Our Expert Roofers Offer the Highest Quality Roof Replacements. See the Photos Below.

Roof Replacement in Abbottstown PA 17301

Lifetime-Warrantied Roofing System

See photos below of the installation of this complete asphalt shingle roofing system by GAF, protected under warranty for over 35 years. Our crew executes high quality roofing system installations in usually just one full day of work, including the clean-up of every single nail and piece of debris. All you're left with is a brand new roof that'll last a lifetime. JWE Remodeling and Roofing takes the time to provide the highest quality Abbottstown PA roofing services and our reviews prove it!

Click any photo to open a full-screen slideshow. See all our Roofing Jobs.

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Finished Roof Replacement in Abbottstown PA 17301: Photos

Abbottstown PA Roofing Service by JWE

Below are the final photos of this roof damage repair job by JWE Remodeling & Roofing. CONTACT US TODAY if you think your roof may be damaged. We offer the highest quality Abbottstown PA roofing services around.

Click any photo to open a full-screen slideshow. Learn More About Our Services.

Looking for an Expert Abbottstown PA Roofing Contractor?

We specialize in getting roof repairs and replacements approved in greater Hanover PA and Carroll County MD.

We offer free estimates & inspections.

Services from our public adjusters cost you nothing out of our pocket - insurance pays.

We're fully licensed and insured roofing contractor with a 5-star reputation.

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Contact JWE Remodeling & Roofing for a Free Inspection & Estimate of Your Roof Damage Repair so we Can See About Getting your Restorations Approved & Paid for by Insurance

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